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Marquee Starlight Lining 6m x 12m Marquee
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Marquee Anchor Spike

Anchor Spike

Available in Tie Down Kit Form or on its own


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Proforme Fan heaters

1800KW Electric Fan Heater.

One heater will heat a 3x6m marquee in minutes.


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08443 570210

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GSM Intercoms


Order Today For NEXT DAY Delivery.

All orders placed before 2pm will be despatched today for delivery next working day..





CALL : 08443 570 210

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Marquees For Sale

6m x 12m PVC 500 gsm Marquee Party Tent


500 gsm PVC Commercial Marquees

Steel Galvanized Frame, bolted secure, full set of ground bars included. More...



Easytread Marquee Flooring


Marquee Chord Carpet

Various Colours of Chord Carpet complete with ground sheet and fixing kit. More...



Easytread Marquee Flooring


Marquee Spare Parts

Various Colours of Chord Carpet complete with ground sheet and fixing kit. More...




PROFORME UK - Marquees for sale to the TRADE and to the PUBLIC at unbeatable prices.Supplying the best quality marquees and party tents from stock and ready for next day delivery in the whole of the UK.

With a basic knowledge of DIY you will have no problem erecting these marquees yourself, with each marquee we will supply a technical support helpline number that is manned five days a week where you can talk to an expert who will guide you step by step over the phone through anything you may be having problems with.

Don't delay order your marquee or party tent today buy calling us on 08443 570210. Include marquee flooring, heating and marquee lights and you will have another home from home in which to host that special event.

We WILL NOT be beaten on price for any of our marquees GUARANTEED.


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9m x 12m Commercial Marquee
2.3m Eaves Height Marquee
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Easytread Flooring
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Marquee Bungees
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Marquee Anchor Spikes
6m x 12m PVC Marquee
Easytread Flooring

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Floor Plan

Seating Plans

Marquee seating plans available for all different sized marquees.

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Marquee Errection Instructions

Marquee Erection Instructions

Lost your instructions? Download them here.

Downloadable pdf files.

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Marquee & Event Industry News

Take a look at the latest news in this industry, see how it is all pieced together.

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1200W Marquee Heater Lamp


Review Posted On Amazon!

Superb! highest quality, survived the hurricane last weekend, this is top quality commercial grade do not waste money buying cheaper imitations that use light metal tubes and rubbish thin covers.

Posted by: Lord R - London. 27 Nov 2012


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